Research Team:

  • Mr. Manzoor Hussain
    Assistant Agronomist / Additional Charge of Groundnut Botanist
    Ph: 057-9316208
    Cell: 03005308177, 03025017949
  • Mr. Abid Ali
    Assistant Research Officer
    Ph: 057-9316208
    Cell: 03216836326, 03357910467


  • Strengthening of gene pool of diverse origin
  • Development of high yielding and short season varieties
  • Standardization of production technologies
  • Production of good quality seed
  • To develop soil moisture conservation techniques suitable for agro-climatic zone of Attock
  • Achievements
  • Succeeded to evolve promising lines which are at their advance stage of testing and evaluation.
  • Agronomic experiments were laid out to sow the unshelled seed of groundnut by treating it with different chemicals or sown at earlier dates.
  • Basic seed of high quality was sold to the farmers which improve the socio-economic conditions of the farmers.

Current Research Activities:

  •  Introduction of 3-4 grains/pods in advance lines
  •  Production of filial generations through crossing/hybridization
  •  Exotic material from NARC, Islamabad and Chakwal was evaluated to strengthen the germplasm which was well adapted to agro-climatic zone of Attock
  •  Wheat campaign was monitored at district level by checking the training programme regarding wheat crop, presence of participants and its standards
  •  To publish the research findings in well reputed journals
  •  Advisory services were provided to farmers

Advance Line of Groundnut                              Genetic diversity for seed cover
Advance Line of Groundnut       Genetic diversity for seed cover    Multi-pod Groundnut genotype                                     Morphological selection activity

Multi-pod Groundnut genotypeMorphological selection activity

 Abiotic and biotic resistances studies                                        Cropping system studies

Abiotic and biotic resistances studies    Cropping system studies